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ICR Careers

ICR has opportunities available for experienced and motivated Engineers and Scientists across the country. If you are interested in talking with us to find out more about these positions and how you can take your career to the next level, send us an email at contact@icr-team.com today.

Who We Are

ICR was founded with the mission to be the first to identify and solve the Intelligence and Defense Communities’ toughest engineering and operational problems by establishing a true partnership with our Customers. Despite our advanced degrees and heavy R&D focus, it is our hands-on experience and scars from the field that will enable us to create very practical and reliable solutions.

Our purpose at ICR is to establish an employee-owned company where the best minds in their career field want to work. Our Customer’s problems will become our own and our employees will wake up each day wanting to solve them. Through a culture of stewardship and calculated risk-taking, we hope to mentor, develop and ultimately transition ICR’s ownership and leadership from our earliest employees to our future generation of employees.

Employee Benefits

ICR is an employee-owned company that is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the needs of our employees and their families. In addition to the industry’s most competitive salaries, we offer each employee equity in their company, a generous retirement plan, company-paid health care benefits and a flexible paid time off policy.

ICR funds a Profit Sharing Plan (PSP) for every employee at an additional 25% of your base salary. These funds are deposited in a tax-deferred account, with no vesting period, that allows you to decide on the investment strategy best for you.

ICR also funds an Individual Benefits Account (IBA) for every employee at an additional 25% of your base salary. These funds are available immediately and can be used to reimburse expenses such as health insurance, medical expenses, paid time off, elected training and an array of other qualified pre-tax expenses.

Software Engineer

Cincinnati, OH - Denver, CO
Monterey, CA - Fairfax, VA

Cyber Reverse Engineer

Cincinnati, OH - Denver, CO
Fairfax, VA

Software Reverse Engineer

Cincinnati, OH - Denver, CO
Fairfax, VA

DSP Engineer

Denver, CO - Cincinnati, OH

Signals Analyst

Denver, CO

Signal Processing Scientist

Monterey, CA - Denver, CO

Data Scientist

Denver, CO - Fairfax, VA